Photo courtesy of Ahmad Malik


Photo courtesy of Ahmad Malik
Photo courtesy of Ahmad Malik

Instagram has always been a great social tool in bringing people together to take photos and videos!

As the Insta-community has grown around the world, so have InstaMeets. InstaMeets are where people from all over come together to connect, explore and create with other creatives. On Sept. 15, urban explorer, Ahmad Malik (@detroit_chiver) and other Detroit creatives held an Instagram Meet-up at the Masonic Temple located at 500 Temple St. in the Cass Corridor of Detroit.

Setting a record of 333 visionary people who attended was just one of the incredible outcomes for Detroit’s InstaMeet. People came from all over Michigan — some from Lansing — all to experience the great vibes and networking that goes on during these meet-ups.

First walking into the Masonic Temple, attendees were able to explore alone or with friends on the first floor in the theatre. About a half hour later, everyone got split into small groups to do tours of the 14-story theatre that holds history since the 1920s. Individualistic photographers filled the rooms tilting their camera, getting in that uncomfortable position and all for the “perfect shot.”

Organizers of the event did an amazing job structuring the tours and making sure that everyone got to see the ins-and-outs of the Masonic Temple. It’s remarkable how so many people can come together and create this comfortable, creative and unique atmosphere that gets everyone networking and collaborating.

“It’s amazing,” laughed Hana Mattar (@hanamkat), a Detroit-based photographer. “You can find so many different people that have so many different styles come together because they’re all passionate about Detroit and art.”

On Instagram, user @northpolar51, commented on Malik’s picture from the event, saying, “Thanks in such a big way!! This was my first InstaMeet and I had a really good time. I am so appreciative for the opportunity to meet fellow IGers. You guys did a great job putting this all together.”

Each InstaMeet is held at a new location every time. If you’d like to know more about future Insta-Meet-Ups, follow @detroit_chiver on Instagram. If you’d like to connect or just admire Detroit photographers and videographers work, here are some of my favorites: @tonydetroit@tony.bennett, @cameraguyal, @_nazgul, @chromakeydreamcoat, @j_bibb,  and @animadurkar.