By SASCHA RAIYN, News Editor

The University of Michigan-Dearborn scored high on terms of affordability and return on investment according to a new Department of Education scorecard released this month.

The scorecard is intended to provide relevant information to students and parents shopping for colleges and universities.

President Obama announced the scorecard in a weekly address earlier this month.

“Everyone should be able to find clear, reliable, open data on college affordability and value,” the president said. “Like whether they’re likely to graduate, find good jobs and pay off their loans.”

UM-Dearborn’s average annual in-state tuition of $9,800 is the lowest of Michigan public universities and lower than the $16,789 national average.

The university also scored high for average alumni salary ten years after enrollment. The national average is $34,343. UM-Dearborn alumni average $47,400 ten years after enrollment. Only three Michigan public universities scored higher: Michigan Tech University, UM-Ann Arbor and Michigan State University.

UM-Dearborn scored above the national average in retention and graduation rate.

The scorecard also ranks graduate debt, debt repayment, student body demographics and academic programs.

The average bachelor’s level graduate from UM-D has $25,000 in loan debt. They repay that debt at a higher rate than the national average.

The university’s lowest score may be in the area of diversity. Of its 6,793 undergraduate students, 70 percent are white.