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According to a press release issued by Friends of the Rouge, the nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the Rouge River will be offering classes to property owners along the riverfront.

“Friends of the Rouge and the Alliance of Rouge Communities invite property owners along the Rouge River and inland lakes to attend a class where they will learn how to protect their property from the impact of flooding while improving water quality. Workshops will be held weeknights from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 24 in Canton, Sept. 29 in Franklin and Oct. 6 in Novi. Workshops are free and open to everyone, including residents who may live outside of the communities hosting the workshops.

“Riverfront property owners have a special connection to the river. They relish in the beauty provided by the river and anguish over the flood waters that carry away their land and leave trash and woody debris in its place,” reports Cyndi Ross, River Restoration Program Manager for the Friends of the Rouge. “We aim to help these residents care for their land to reduce the impact of flooding as well as protect the Rouge River.”

“Stormwater is a leading source of pollution in urban rivers like the Rouge. Rain carries chemicals and bacteria from residential lawns, roads and parking lots to the river through storm sewers. Surges in flow following rain destroys habitat for fish and other life in the stream. The result is the death of these animals in spite of the water quality improvements that have been made over the past 30 years.

“Simple, low cost solutions are available to reduce erosion and improve habitat in the river. Attendees will learn about the river’s health, what they can do at home to improve water quality and what type of work near a lake or river requires a permit from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. They will also learn about a project has been done to restore the streambank at the Historical Mill Race Village in Northville.

“Registration is required. Space and materials are limited. Those interested in attending may register by calling 313-792-9621 or visit”

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