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In their most recent release, “The Beach,” The Neighbourhood brings a tone and vibe to the track that is comparable but entirely unique in comparison to previous singles.

The song is mellow, with a few noticeable highs and lows. As with their most recent work (“R.I.P. 2 My Youth”), there is a multitude of sounds constantly going on throughout the song. Subtle ambient noise adds a calm aura to the track that ties Jesse Rutherford’s vocals and all the many sounds of the song together in a smooth and catchy piece.

Considering the other songs the band has released, “The Beach” is one of the calmest, with the instrumentals remaining almost a constant volume throughout the duration of the song. The band somehow manages to produce hit after hit flawlessly, changing up their sound enough where all the music isn’t the same while still staying true to their music that has been attracting fans since their start in 2011.

“The Beach” draws listeners in without ever completely disclosing full meaning; it’s something that just grasps because it is so enigmatic.

Similarly, the song and the band itself continue to uphold the same mystery that has surrounded them long before they became a recognizable name.