Photo courtesy Latin American Student Association
Photo courtesy Latin American Student Association
Photo courtesy Latin American Student Association

BY JULIANNE SAAD, Guest Columnist

Taking place on Sept. 30 on the UC stage, Alpha Psi Lambda Co-Ed Fraternity and the Office for Student Engagement held a trivia game to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month.

Students played to be entered in a raffle to win prizes, including tickets to Halloweekends at Cedar Point and a basket kit for a movie night, complete with a free movie ticket.

Students were brought on stage and asked a question. Whoever hit the table first (as a substitution for a buzzer) and answered the question correctly received the point. The student with the most correct answers after about 15-20 questions won the round. Those who played in a round of Hispanic Trivia would be entered into the raffle for prizes, drawn by Dexter Overall, Coordinator for Diversity Programs.

Brenda Hernandez, a junior studying pre-business and a member of Alpha Psi Lambda spoke about the process of actually choosing the trivia questions.

“We (Alpha Psi Lambda) had a meeting, and I challenged everyone to think of five questions we could ask today. It was a fun way to gather ideas and include everyone in the event.”

Questions were based on Hispanic culture around the world.

“I love making people aware of things they already know, or things they’re already familiar with. With trivia they end up realizing how much they do know about our culture and how much they’re affected by it,” Hernandez said when asked why Trivia was important to Hispanic Heritage month.

While Alpha Psi Lambda Co-Ed is a fraternity with Hispanic roots, its membership is not exclusive. Ahsan Hussain, a junior studying accounting and finance, is a member of the fraternity and also happens to be 100 percent Pakistani.
Hussain spoke about what first made him interested in joining Alpha Psi Lambda.

“I’ve always had interest in Latino culture, and I saw a poster advertising the fraternity, so I contacted the Greek Life coordinator to try to get more information,” Hussain said. “That’s how I got connected to Brenda, who told me all of these great things that really made me want to be a part of it. A lot of the time people think that just because you’re from a different part of the world, your cultures must be extremely different, but when you’re learning more about different cultures you start to notice the parallels and similarities, you start to realize that we’re not all as different as we think we are,” Hussain said when asked why learning about other cultures is important to him.

Relating to what Hussain had to say, just by participating in the Hispanic Heritage Month events and writing this column, I’ve come to realize all of the parallels that various cultures around the world have. In a general aspect, we all have extremely similar values: we all have a strong family connection, we all have that connection to food, and we all have that connection to music. It would be wonderful if we could all learn to appreciate one another rather than denounce another’s culture just because it’s different from our own. It’s those differences that make the world as diverse and as beautiful it is.

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