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Mango’s Cafe is honestly a hit-or-miss location. You can go in one day and it’ll be a great service and good tasting food, but then other days it’s like they don’t care about the customers and they’re serving cold food. I’ve been a customer of Mango’s for while and it used to be one of the best places to get a sub. Since Ananas has taken the spot of “best sub place” in my heart, I barely eat at Mango’s. There are a couple things that keep me going back, though — the atmosphere and the hookah. Odd reasons to go, but it’s one of the best places in Dearborn.

Mango’s hookah is the only highlight of the place. It’s made well and is usually a smooth smoking experience. If you’re not 100% happy with it you can talk to your server about it and they’ll help you out. The service on food isn’t great but the wait staff is friendly and always willing to help. They’ve got the usual suspects of flavors from companies like Al Fakher, Starbuzz and Nakhlah. Hookahs are priced at $13-17 for regular heads. If you want to spring for a bit more, try one of the different fruit heads like orange or get juice or ice water put into the base instead of plain water.

Since Mango’s Cafe serves hookah, the food isn’t prepared in the same building as where you dine. Food is made in the adjacent building, where you can also pick up to-go orders, and is brought over by the wait-staff. However, sometimes that might take a while. In my last experience there, which was a regular weekday that was fairly busy, food took up to half an hour to be brought to the table, but we were compensated with some extra curly fries.

Mango’s Cafe serves a variety of Middle Eastern food, Italian food, and even sushi at decent prices. The sushi is better than you would expect, and seems on par with most sushi establishments. The rest of the food, however, is a bit bland tasting, but not horrible. You could find better around Dearborn, so I would recommend eating there only if you’re really hungry while you smoke or lounge with friends.

The place itself is a great lounge that’s always open late. Against the walls there are large, Arabic-style couches for groups of people. In the back, there are even bigger booths that stack up and is probably the best place to sit, that is if you can grab one, as they’re usually taken. If you visit Mango’s in the warmer days, I recommend sitting out on their patio where they have a few fire pits going; it’s a great outdoor smoking experience.