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In August, Netflix aired a brand new show called Project Mc2, which caters to a  young audience of girls between the ages of 6 and 13.

The online show follows four smart, math and science-skilled girls who are recruited by a spy organization, Nov8 (Innovate), by intelligence chief The Quail, played by actress Danica McKellar, who is well known for her character Winnie Cooper on the hit show The Wonder Years. McKellar is also a real life math whiz and author. The girls work together as a team to save the day. The show incorporates STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in a innovative and cool way that is appealing to the young viewers. The Project Mc2  brand has it own app, Youtube shorts, and additional content on DreamworksTV and AwesomenessTV.

The show also features a doll for each character. According to, Project Mc2  is created by MGA Entertainment, the same company that makes Bratz dolls. According to, the dolls, with names like Adrienne Attoms and Bryden Bandwedth, were  designed to have “different body types and faces to show that not everyone is blonde and tall,” says MGA Entertainment CEO Isaac Larian. Each of the dolls comes with their own science experiment. Bandwedth’s kit shows kids how to create their own glow stick necklace using household products. Attoms’ kit allows for girls to create their own volcano with items found in the kitchen. The dolls are $15 each and available at Target and Walmart and on

Fortune reports that, “The middle and high school gender gaps in STEM subjects are narrowing and in some circumstances the girls even outnumber the boys in math and science classes.” Larian believes that by targeting elementary and junior high girls, the show will make an impact on their interest for the subjects.