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By AYESHA SHEIKH, Staff Writer

If you’re tired of the usual pizza places and their cheap but not-so-great pizzas, Blaze Pizza in Novi or Royal Oak is the place to go. Blaze is the fast food, Subway-type pizzaria that you never knew you wanted but always needed.

Coming in, you’re greeted by the smell of pizzas baking in the large fire oven. The place is littered with wooden tables and metal chairs, which aren’t the comfiest but will do as you chomp down on your meal. There are a few booths available towards the front of the restaurant as well. Most tables can fit parties of four or five if you want to bring some friends along.

So as you step into the pizza assembly line, you give the order of what kind of pizza you want. Blaze only comes with one size option — 11 inches — but it’s perfect for eating by yourself or sharing a little with someone. You can choose a variety of options on their menu of typical pizza combinations like a simple pepperoni pizza or one loaded with meat. For the full menu check out

The most popular option and main attraction of Blaze Pizza is the build your own pizza option. For $7.25 you can get as many toppings as you want on your 11 inch pizza, load it up or go as simple as you want – it’s all up to you. You start off with your crust (including a gluten-free crust option for $2 more). After, you can pick your choice of three sauces: white cream, spicy red or a classic red sauce. Once covered in sauce, your pie is passed over to the toppings section where a huge number of fresh toppings sit in their little bins. Afterwards, you can get some more seasoning or sauces drizzled on to your pizza before it’s sent off into the open oven.

Blaze is true to their fast-fire’d slogan as it only takes two or three minutes for your pizza to cook. It takes another minute to deliciously burn the roof of your mouth. If you’re still craving something to eat, try one of their six salads or, for your sweet tooth, try their s’more pie.

While Novi and Royal Oak are a bit away from campus, it’s well worth the trip for the great service and food. However, a closer location is due to open soon in Allen Park, just next to Panera on Fairlane Drive.

Blaze Pizza is located at 26401 Novi Rd. in Novi and 112 S. Main St. in Royal Oak. You can order in store or online and pick it up at the location.