(Photo courtesy of facebook.com/hushdetroit)


When you first walk into the Hush Haunted Attraction in Westland, you are greeted by a man in a devil mask explaining to you the horrors that took place in the laboratory; you are waiting for an elevator door to open when a door opens to your right.

Clutching onto Ayesha Sheikh’s arm the entire time as we made our way through the maze which was the laboratory,  we ducked down in low spots and squeezed through cramped corridors while masked characters approached from behind us or jumped out in front of us.

The jump scares were what really brought the experience to life, along with strobe lights. Just when I thought I was safe, a hand would reach out towards me or the banging of a hand against a wall or door would ring out.

My heart was racing the entire time we made our way through the haunted house. There were plenty of times where I covered my eyes or my voice was hoarse from screaming, especially when we were splattered with water during a portion of the maze when a character showed an offering of an experiment’s guts for us to eat.

The Hush haunted house was good at engaging all five senses. The scares and story flowed well into one another. It took about fifteen minutes for us to make it through the haunted house, however it didn’t feel like we had been in there for that long.

One thing that could improve would be a sign with better lighting. At night the sign was difficult to read when you’re driving past, and this isn’t a place you want to drive past.

The price, $17, is affordable compared to other popular houses, which are twice the cost of admission for most places. Not to mention, the location of the Hush Haunted Attraction is the perfect scare located right in your own backyard.

With their growing popularity, the owners have purchased the Skateland West property, also located in Westland, and are looking to expand their land to increase the experience even further.