(Photos courtesy of famoushamburger.com)

By AYESHA SHEIKH, Staff Writer

Serving great tasting burgers since 1970, Famous Hamburger is one of the best places to get a huge helping of burger at a decent price. Over the years, Famous Hamburger has become a staple burger joint in the Dearborn community. With Lebanese roots, it’s no wonder they settled in well and made a name in Dearborn.

Famous Hamburger isn’t that different from your typical burger joint except for the great quality. They were built on the ideal of the American Dream and that rings true in their restaurants’ appearances as well. Each Famous Hamburger has large, wide red booths that can fit  parties of five to six people and are comfortable enough that you won’t want to leave your seat. Around the restaurants they have old memorabilia of american diners from past decades that give the places a ‘50s vibe almost.

Each location serves delectable halal appetizers, burgers, salads and wraps. Burgers range from $8.49-$9.99, the most expensive being the $16.99 Wall of Fame burger. The Wall of Fame burger earns your picture on the social media wall of fame if you can finish the one pound burger by yourself. Each burger, including the one pounder, comes with a side of fries and coleslaw. However, you can pick other options if fries or slaw aren’t your side of choice. Waffle fries, onion rings, or any choice of four salads can come as a side. You can even pick a different bun type (croissant, pretzel or gluten free) or add chili or cheese to your fries if you want to upgrade your meal. For the full menu, check out famoushamburger.com/menu.

My option of choice whenever I go is the chicken habanero burger, which is a juicy grilled chicken burger with habanero pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, garlic sauce, hot sauce and sliced jalapeños — a must have for chicken burger lovers that want to try a spicer option.

Whatever kind of burger you like, Famous Hamburger is a restaurant where you have to eat. It’s something you won’t regret! Like their motto says: “No Fuss, No Muss, Leave the Cooking to Us!!!” The closest restaurant is not but five minutes from campus at 22207 Michigan Ave. in Dearborn. The other locations are 5808 Schaefer Rd. in Dearborn and and 4171 S. Canton Center Rd. in Canton.