Pictured above: Dana Fradi
Pictured above: Dana Fradi
Pictured above: Dana Fradi


On Oct. 27, Amnesty International held an event on the University Center stage to make the campus community aware of the severity of human trafficking. Students were presented with various posters explaining what human trafficking is.

Students also had the opportunity to donate money to support the cause, and write “words of hope or encouragement” all going to All Worthy of Love, a nonprofit based in metro Detroit with the charge of helping those enslaved by street prostitution.

Jessica Bacheldor, marketing and outreach coordinator for Amnesty International, chose to work with All Worthy of Love because of their dedication to helping victims of human trafficking in any way that they can.

“They actually have an outreach team full of volunteers where they go out and make connections with people on the street or the people in the trafficking rings,” Bacheldor said. “So they have a support system; they have someone to go to. They work on forming bonds and relationships.”

Bacheldor said that promoting awareness is key in the fight against human trafficking.

“Nobody knows about these things until you really put them in their face, or just raise awareness towards it, so that’s what I’m all about. So many people are so used to turning a blind eye, and I’m trying to fight that.”

Donations made to All Worthy of Love will go towards making what the organization calls “hygiene kits,” which consist of personal care products such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and deodorant, and “meal kits” which include “notes of encouragement.”

“They’re just little things like ‘you can do it’ or ‘God is with you’ because they are a Christian based organization,” Bacheldor said. “It’s really sweet because these people who come out of trafficking say they’ve had these notes for so long and that it gave them hope when nothing else did.”

For more information on All Worthy of Love, or to find out how you could make a difference, log on to http://allworthyoflove.org/