(Ayesha Sheikh/MJ)

By AYESHA SHEIKH, Staff Writer

In Detroit, the last days of October aren’t just reserved for Halloween, but something a little more special. Hundreds of anime fans and cosplayers swarmed Detroit’s riverfront on the last weekend of October for YoumaCon, the largest anime and gaming convention in Michigan. This year marked the 10th anniversary of the Renaissance Center and Cobo Hall hosting the event.

(Ayesha Sheikh/MJ)
(Ayesha Sheikh/MJ)

The convention, which ran Oct. 29 until Nov. 1, had many unique panels, cosplay and gaming contests and a variety of special guests that ranged from comic book artists, musicians and actors such as Tia Ballard, Chuck Huber, and Crush 40.

The busiest portion of the convention was the Dealer’s Den, where cosplayers and civilians did their shopping. One side of the den had various items for sale from Nintendo 64 games to cosplaying items to stuffed toys and posters. The other side, aptly named the Artists’ Alley, catered to the artists who were selling art and handmade items.

There was never a dull moment at the convention with so much to do. You could see a panel that discussed a certain anime or one that taught you how to make your own manga. There were dozens of games to play in the gaming room that ranged from arcade to computer to console. You also could just people watch with all the interesting characters walking around and ask for a picture.

“The turnout this year was great! A little slower than last year, but it was still really fun and easier to get around,” said con-goer Cailìn Murre, 23. She was drenched in a faux blood mixture she made herself in a stained prom dress, an exact replica of Carrie White from the book and movie “Carrie.”

The event is hosted every year around the same time, so if you didn’t get a chance to visit this year, make sure to get out to the Renaissance Center and Cobo next Halloween. Registration prices for the con range from $60 for a three-day pass to $20-40 for a single day, depending on the day. If you’re lucky enough, you can register early and get a Platinum Badge that is limited to 500 people for the event and includes priority position for main events, admittance into the Maid Cafe or Charity Ball and more.