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Hey there cutie come have a seat,
Play my game and you’ll be in for a treat!
I have lots to offer and it doesn’t cost much,
But we’ll talk more about prices and such.
Darling don’t be afraid, your money is safe with me!
Winning my game is quite easy you’ll see.

Just grab my hand and hold it tight,
Give it a tug and I’ll do what’s right.
Lights, bells, and whistles sing of earnings galore,
And now that you’re in my grasp you’ll just want more.
For just a bit more coin your money could double,
Sweetie your eyes, they’re green, now you’re in trouble!

Don’t stop now; you’re about to win.
Forget your wife and children, have another glass of gin.
Wait, your money is gone? Honey that’s too bad,
But we had fun right? There’s no need to be sad.
I’ll see you again right, same time next week?
We value your business here at The Lucky Streak!