(Ayesha Sheikh/MJ)

By AYESHA SHEIKH, Staff Writer 

(Ayesha Sheikh/MJ)

Good Burger is a bare bones, fast food burger joint in Dearborn and Garden City that you’ll love. If you’re in a rush and looking to grab a quick bite to eat near campus, Good Burger is the place for you.

Initially I thought this place was based off the Kenan and Kel movie Good Burger from the ‘90s, but sadly, it’s not. It is good on its own, so it doesn’t really need to piggyback off the long-gone success of some ‘90s thing. It wouldn’t hurt for business, though, to pull on the heartstrings of ‘90s kids by saying the famous good burger greeting:

“Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?”

So while I wasn’t greeted as such at the Good Burger, the service was delightfully quick and the servers were friendly enough. They cut through the small talk to take orders, so if you’re one that likes to have small talk with your servers, you won’t find that here.

The restaurant itself seemed bare, for my liking at least. The place is themed like a ‘50s diner, except minimal. There are sparkly red booths for parties of four, and plenty of tables as well. The most entertaining decor is at the counter with signs that say, “No Whining,” or ones that threaten to give smaller portions if you heckle the chef. However, other than this, there isn’t much else there and it makes the place seem kind of hollow. That was how it seemed for me when I visited a couple of hours before closing on a weekday, at least.

Good Burger, like the name suggests, mainly serves burgers and some tasty side treats as well. They have classic options like cheeseburgers, but they also have fish, chicken and a

(Ayesha Sheikh/MJ)
(Ayesha Sheikh/MJ)

black bean burger as other options. The prices are pretty good — everything on the menu is under $10. The piece-de-resistance of the menu is the build-a-burger portion. If you haven’t guessed by now, if a place has a build-your-own anything, my reviews heavily favor those. It’s all about eating what you want, exactly how you want.

The build-a-burger menu has different selections for burgers, buns and toppings, but there’s also an “xtra” toppings option, including cheese, cheese sticks, onion rings, bacon and coleslaw.

Good Burger is a great place to hit up between classes when you’re really hungry. It’s about eight minutes from campus, located at 14311 Michigan Ave. in Dearborn. Their other location, which has been open longer, is at 849 Inkster Rd. in Garden City.