Doggie Scoops
Doggie Scoops
Doggie Scoops

By MARIA KANSO, Staff Reporter

Every week, 300 homes in Wayne, Macomb and Oakland counties get special care for their pets.

A company founded by a young entrepreneur, Doggie Scoops has been serving dog owners for more than 12 years. It provides pet waste removal, dog walking and companionship and pet food delivery.

Timothy Myers, the founder of Doggie Scoops, has dreamt of having his own business ever since he was a child.

“I kind of have that in my blood,” said Myers, who is currently a business student at UM-Dearborn.

Myers first started working when he was in third grade, where he would do simple tasks such as cleaning gutters, window washing and even snow removal.

“My dad was like ‘school first, work second.’ He made sure I went to school, did my homework and then afterwards I’d go to work,” Myers said.

After doing paper routes during elementary school, Myers gave his parents the idea of opening a small business.

Impressed by a story of a man who did pet waste removal in Canada, Myers’ parents decided a pet service company would be the most convenient for their pet-loving son.

An advertisement for  Doggie Scoops jumpstarted the pet service company and gave them more clients. Three years later, Myers’ parents had to give up their jobs in order to take care of the flourishing business.

“I could never work for anyone, neither could my dad,” Myers said. “We just can’t stand people talking down to us.”

Myers has been working with his parents on Doggie Scoops ever since it was established. Despite his diagnosis with ADHD and his long hours of working with clients, Myers has always gone above and beyond.

“Tim has always been ambitious to a fault,” Kelli Gofton, Myers’ fiancee said. “When you talk to him about the future, he usually has a plan.

“He’s been through much in his life and I know his ADHD and learning disabilities sometimes will get the best of him, but unlike many who would use it as a crutch, I have yet to see it slow him down,” Gofton said.

Throughout his school years, Myers worked with his dad on Doggie Scoops and still managed to get good grades.

As a college student, Myers utilizes what he is learning in his classes in order to expand the business. Marketing classes have helped him improve the website marketing of Doggie Scoops and promote the company both online and on TV.

“Tim is always thinking of new ideas on how to improve our workflow and make the route more efficient,” said Zach Turnip, Myers’ best friend and co-worker. “I don’t think there’s a second in the day that he doesn’t think about Doggie Scoops.”

Through Doggie Scoops, Tim has been able to raise money for the Tricia Myers Foundation, which is founded in memory of his sister. The Tricia Myers Foundation grants scholarships for graduates who have learning disabilities.

Doggie Scoops also sponsors Challenge Day at Grosse Pointe North every year and is part of the Full Circle Foundation, which provides jobs to those with special needs and gives them the opportunity to help others through community service.

“It gave me a focus,” Myers said about running a business. “Other kids were out partying and I’m working.”