Cake and More Specialties at The Cheesecake Factory

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By AYESHA SHEIKH, Staff Writer 

Contrary to its name, The Cheesecake Factory serves up more than just delicious cheesecake. Located in Novi, The Cheesecake Factory is the first and only of its chain in Michigan even though it had its beginning here in 1940. On its opening in 2013, people came from far and wide and the line stretched a half block out the door. It’s not as extreme now, but at its busiest times you’ll still potentially be waiting two hours to get a table and you can’t make reservations either. If you happen to come at a busy time, you at least have the option to take a chance to walk around 12 Oaks Mall to pass the time.

You’ll be waiting a while for good reason. With more than 250 selections on their menu, they’ve got everything to satisfy your taste buds. From pastas to pizzas, burgers and great appetizers, there’s a huge variety of things that are great for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. The prices are a bit on the expensive side with plates averaging around $11-13. The portions, however, match the prices, as you will have leftovers to take home with you.

The showstopper for the restaurant is obvious, it’s the cheesecake! There are 34 types of cheesecake in every flavor you could want. Get a slice for $7-8 or get a whole cheesecake from the front fridges, which you can purchase without dining there. Check out their menu at

Located at 27500 Novi Rd., between Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor, the restaurant seats about 225 in its large dining room, which has a nice calming atmosphere with its signature Cheesecake Factory brown color scheme that adorns all the chains nationwide. During nicer weather you have the option patio seating as well. The trip and the wait are well worth it for the delicious food at The Cheesecake Factory.