Julianne Saad/MJ
Julianne Saad/MJ


On Thursday Dec. 3, the UM-Dearborn’s office of Admissions and Orientation hosted the annual Pre-Med Information Night. Prospective students were invited to the Fairlane Campus North Building to learn about the pre-med pathway that the campus has to offer.

Guests were greeted and invited to join current UM-D students and staff to enjoy snacks and refreshments. Medical-based student groups such as the Pre-Physical Therapy Association, the Pre-Dental Association, and Phi Delta Epsilon hosted information tables to provide future students with a way to get involved with their respective majors.

Deb Peffer, the director of admissions and orientation, presented guests with an overview of campus and the pre-health studies offered at UM-D. Following, Juliette Roddy, chair to the Department of Health and Human Services, spoke about the degrees and opportunities available in her field.

Dr. Marie Michelle Lozon, a 1981 alumna of UM-Dearborn and the associate professor of emergency medicine and pediatrics, spoke about the pathway to success from a doctor’s perspective. Concluding the presentation of information, current UM-D students and alumni hosted a panel discussion focusing on their journey to professional health schools. Closing the night, the floor was opened up for a question and answer period.

Andy Ray, recruitment event coordinator for the Office of Admissions and Orientation, said that the event’s primary goal is to search out prospective students who may be interested in pre-health.

“It’s not just for students interested in pre-med, it’s for any high school or transfer student that may be interested in any of our pre-health programs,” Ray said. “Primarily we are hoping to see high school juniors and seniors. We do have a small number of transfer students tonight, but mostly we are looking for prospective students.”

The Office of Admission and Orientation was focused on presenting prospective students with information that will help lead them down the pathway of success leading to their career in the medical field.

“Tonight our guests are going to get information about pre-med, pre-pharmacy and pre-dental programs. We are also speaking about what schools are looking for in their applications,” Ray said.

The Office of Admission and Orientation hosted Pre-Med Info Night in hopes of generating more interest in the medical field, and the UM-D campus in general.

“We are hoping to get students more interested in the medical field, and the opportunities we have here at UM-Dearborn,” Ray said. “A number of students we have here tonight are either current applicants or have already been admitted, so we are hoping that what they will learn tonight will influence their decision and make them want to come to UM-Dearborn.”

Ray offered a piece of advice for any future and current UM-Dearborn students looking to enter, or who are currently in the medical field.

“In regards to pre-med and pre-health, and in terms of their pathway through the program, listen to the advisors we have on campus,” Ray said. “Our advisors are top of the line, and their purpose is to help students to get to where they need to be either applying to medical schools or looking into careers. Take note of all of our good information, and work closely with the advisors because they are here to help.”