(Ricky Lindsay/MJ)

By RICKY LINDSAY, Editor-in-Chief

The University of Michigan-Dearborn women’s basketball team played at Michigan’s Crisler Center last month.

Though the Wolverines lost to Albion College, athletic director Matt Beaudry believes the event was successful for the university. It was the first time a UM-Dearborn team played a home game in Ann Arbor since the university adopted the Wolverine namesake in 2013.

“I certainly do. A lot of parents and family members who came up during the game that just mentioned what the experience meant to our ladies participating on the team,” Beaudry said after the game, played Dec. 19. “That’s what we wanted to hear and create the collaboration that we’ve talked about before.”

Several members of UM-Dearborn’s athletic staff attended or worked the game.

“This was a home event for us in coordination with Ann Arbor’s staff. We needed to facilitate the operations of the game,” Beaudry said. “In order to do that, there were months of planning, right down to the shot and game clock operator, announcer, officials, credentials for the Michigan Journal and all those alike that are coming to represent our team.”

The women’s basketball team could be the first of several teams to play at Ann Arbor under the Wolverine namesake. The hockey team played at Michigan Stadium in 2010 but it was before the increased relationship between the campuses.

“We certainly want not only women’s basketball but to continue discussion with our administration, expanding this to hopefully a recruiting advantage to our university,” Beaudry said. “That’s what my goal is and there will be a lot of discussion in the coming months and years ahead to look beyond one sport playing here, but multiple sports.
“We have some coaches who are really interested… At this time, we have a hard time saying which sport, but every sport is on the table. But, that’s again, a discussion with their administration and facility’s staff to determine what’s in the best interest of both campuses.”