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Photo courtesy of bbgunpress
Photo courtesy of bbgunpress

(Just a short show preview since I’ll be covering next week)

English rockers Muse dropped their seventh studio album last summer, an album that started the new year with over one million copies sold. Drones is also up for a Grammy in 2016, earning a nomination for Best Rock Album.

The concept album addresses war and a loss of empathy. According to lead vocalist, Matt Bellamy, on Twitter before the album’s release, Drones is about “deep ecology, the empathy gap and World War 3.” The 12­track album follows a character who must overcome warfare, as told through the songs. It’s a piece that has earned the band positive feedback from critics, not only becoming a catchy set of music, but a story that is deep and relevant.

Over 20 years in the making, the band knows what it takes to put on a live spectacular, something fans can expect to witness when Muse makes a stop at Joe Louis Arena on Thursday night. The Drones World Tour brings along X Ambassadors for a show that will showcase the boundary pushing stage productions that Muse has become recognized for, with a new twist exclusive to this tour.

Muse will take to a round stage situated in the middle of the arena, performing in a way that will create an audio and visual experience that thrills the senses from a 360 degree view.

Tickets are still available for the show in Detroit on Jan. 14 through Ticketmaster.