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The University of Michigan-Dearborn’s chapter of Phi Sigma Phi took a trip to the Dearborn Police Department (DPD) on Wednesday, Jan. 6 to demonstrate their appreciation for law enforcement in conjunction with Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, which took place on Jan. 9.

Sultan AbouHamdan, Phi Sigma Phi’s Public Relations Chair, said that it was important to the members of Phi Sigma Phi to recognize the hard work of the men and women in uniform.

“The goal of the trip was to show our appreciation to the men and women in blue who work every day to make sure our Dearborn community is safe,” AbouHamdan said. “Law Enforcement Appreciation day happens to be on January 9, 2016, so we decided to make a trip to the station just in time as our semester kicks off. All Phi Sigma Phi men appreciate the hard work of the men and women who put their lives in danger to protect and serve others.”

When asked if Phi Sigma Phi’s visit to the DPD was intended to demonstrate support in the midst of community uproar surrounding the fatal shooting of Detroiter Kevin Matthews, AbouHamdan said that the events were unrelated.

“We chose the DPD because they serve the city we study in and not for other reasons, making it easier for everyone to show up and participate,” AbouHamdan said. “Regardless of the Kevin Matthews case, our appreciation visit was scheduled before the shooting even took place. As mentioned earlier, this was an appreciation and support visit that served to thank the men and women in service and to make sure that their efforts are recognized by the community.”

According to AbouHamdan, Phi Sigma Phi is planning to visit the DPD annually in recognition of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

“We would sure love to establish a longstanding relationship of respect and maybe work with the DPD in the future in services like volunteering and event co-sponsoring,” AbouHamdan said.