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By TERRY LAKINS, Student Life Editor

The Office for Student Engagement held the Playing for Prizes Event on the University Center Stage from 11-12 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 8. This was a kickoff event that serves as a part of Welcome Week and is just one of many events held to engage students coming back to school, as part of the Office for Student Engagement’s “Under the Big Top.” Tomas Mauricia and Matt Myers, student assistants for the Office for Student Engagement, ran the event.

The event itself involved student’s throwing disk-like objects into a box at a fixed distance. A simple game with a twist: The disks are light and flimsy, forcing the participants to commit to an awkward throwing arc. The box also had a cup in the middle of it, making it much harder to land a disk in without in ricocheting outward. Anyone lucky enough to win at this carnival game got small prizes upfront, like candies, Chap Stick and pens. But the real bread and butter came from the raffle tickets, which winners were given to participant in a drawing. The winner of that drawing will receive a $100 gift card.

“We are just trying to engage the community here on campus,” Mauricia said. He also said the event was a nice distraction for students going between their classes, especially with all the preparation that comes within those first few weeks. Myers said this event is nice because it puts something in front of the students instead of just giving them their schedules and turning them loose.

“We want to make college life more fun,” Mauricia said.