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By JESSICA PEREZ, Staff Writer

“Currently addicted, Lauren Ruth Ward is a goddess.” I had never heard the name before, but seeing this post on my best friend’s Facebook page encouraged me to do a little research. This friend of mine is one of the only people who really gets my taste in music, so of course I had to find out just what makes this artist a “goddess” in her eyes.

After some digging I discovered my own love for Lauren Ruth Ward. A cool, Bohemian vibe sets her apart from today’s commercial artists, like a Millennial Stevie Nicks.

Her vocals are honest and raw — she’s just a girl with an acoustic guitar and a soul that oozes into every lyric that escapes her. You can hear it. You can feel it. You can even see it, as her YouTube channel houses many of her distinctive variations of classic songs by artists like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Steely Dan and Frank Sinatra.

Ward released her self‐titled debut EP last week on both iTunes and Spotify. Five cohesive tracks allow the singer‐songwriter’s talents to truly shine through. Her soft‐but‐gritty timbre dances around the haunting melodies and poetic verses throughout each song.

The tracks are all somewhat similar in style, which helps the listener understand that this EP is much more than just a collection of songs. It is an expression of Ward’s personal story — her struggles, her emotions. Though it is an unfinished one, she allows us to live this story with her through her music.

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