Ricky Lindsay headshotBy RICKY LINDSAY, Editor-in-Chief

When you’re in school for 16-some years, you’re going to learn a lot of things. It’s inevitable.

My last semester of college began Thursday, and it got me thinking. I’ve learned a lot through schooling but there are things I wish were taught.

But the biggest thing, without a doubt, would be an increased importance on preparing students for the real world.

This is something that should start in high school. Not every student who gets a diploma in high school will continue on to higher education. For some, that’s the end of the road. They get a job and start a career. And it could be a tough learning experience if they aren’t properly prepared for the real world. For those who go to college, they’ll eventually get to that point.

In high school, we learn about several topics that will get us to college. Once we get to college, things become specialized. Math, for example, is no longer necessary when you’re a journalism major.

College prepares you for a career and helps you advance to in it through internships. That’s great and all, but if you have no idea how to survive outside of school, how will you survive in your career?

Parents and guardians should have a role in teaching their children how to survive in the real world. But let’s face it; not everyone has access to that luxury. There may be parents or guardians in the same situation, where they don’t know how to properly survive in the real world.

Is it really that hard to teach students how to budget their money or manage their bills? What about insuring their cars and setting up a 401k? How do you lease an apartment or buy a house? The list goes on and on.

Five years from now, these will be the things that matter, not the Pythagorean Theorem or something you learned in a mandated introductory course.

There’s a reason why there are training wheels on a young child’s bike. They have to learn how to ride it before taking off.

So why shouldn’t students who spend at least 12 years in school not learn how to survive in the real world?