Michigan Journal Sports Podcast Moves To WUMD

(Ricky Lindsay/MJ)
(Ricky Lindsay/MJ)


The Michigan Journal Sports Podcast has officially moved to the airwaves of WUMD, the University of Michigan-Dearborn college radio station.

The show will be called “The Michigan Journal Sports Show With Lehman and Lindsay.” It will run on Thursday’s from 3:30-4:30 and can be heard on wumd.org. The podcast will also be posted to the Michigan Journal site.

The name isn’t the only change the show will make. As show host Erick Lehman will discuss professional sports topics as well as University of Michigan, and University Michigan-Dearborn sports with co-host Ricky Lindsay.

The show will utilize call-in guests as well, and host “special shows” such as a pre and post-National Signing Day show.

If you have any suggestions for topics to be discussed you can email Lehman at umd.mj.managing@gmail.com.