(Demetrio Nasol/MJ)

By DEMETRIO NASOL, Staff Photographer 

On Jan. 22, DJ Carnage tore up the Royal Oak Music Theatre along with Crizzly, Valentino Khan, and Kayzo as part of his Papi Gordo Tour.

The night was filled with antics and surprises, including a girl riding a giant slice of pizza and a cinematic intro upon Carnage’s entrance.

Crizzly and hype man Cool Dundee made the most of the crowd’s energy by pulling out the giant pizza slice and having a random audience member ride it. This is only fitting as Crizzly is a die-hard pizza fan—even sporting an 8-bit pizza necklace.

To the audience’s surprise, a mini movie played before DJ Carnage’s performance. The crowd watched in silence as Papi Gordo tried to escape from captivity by some assumed “bad guys.” Towards the end of the movie, Carnage got shot in the head by one of the captors, but ultimately broke free. The cinematic value was beyond anything I have seen at an EDM concert, and it made for an unconventional way to hype up the crowd for the headliner.

Carnage’s set did not disappoint. With everyone’s hands up, he kept the energy lit and made sure that each drop outdid the last.

One other unique feature to this show was the biggest group selfie of the night. A camera onstage facing the audience fed video to the gigantic screens surrounding Carnage—giving everyone in the front of the house the chance to get their 15 seconds of fame.

From giant pizza slices to Hollywood cinematography, the Papi Gordo Tour went above and beyond.

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