President Lyndon Johnson shakes hands with the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., after handing him one of the pens used in signing the Civil Rights Act of July 2, 1964 at the White House in Washington. (Photo courtesy of U.S. Embassy New Delhi)


The Office for Student Engagement (OSE) coordinated a robust schedule of events last week in celebration of the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Among the events were the “Conversation on Race,” “Soup and Conversation: Has His Dream Been Achieved?” a production of the 1987 stage play, The Meeting, and a chalk wall activity that took place in the UC.

Director for Student Engagement Reetha Raveendran said that the OSE’s focused effort to celebrate King aligns with their core values.

“MLK week programming for our office is a commitment to diversity and inclusion,” Raveendran said. “As an office, it is our commitment and responsibility to ensure that we constantly not just excite, but also push the limits for you to think outside of your comfort zone and to learn and to understand some things that may have been assumptions or notions that you may have come to campus with, or at that age that’s what you’ve learned so far and now the envelope is going to be pushed and you’re going to learn something more different. That is the basic premise when we do any kind of programming.”

Raveendran also noted that these programs are an opportunity for students to use their new experiences to create new memories.

“MLK week programming is more to not only to remember where you come from, and your past and your history and the memories they come with, and also to then make your own history and your own memories,” Raveendran said.

“If people did not participate in these kind of activities or programs, it’s a missed opportunity for you to grow.”