The bored millennial scrolls through picture after picture on her social media feed of choice. There’s a pretty model posing in a bikini, a cute couple engaging in a hug, and an attractive group of friends. To millennials, these are all goals: #BodyGoals, #RelationshipGoals, #SquadGoals. But have you ever thought that maybe some goals are just unattainable? Maybe it’s just best to look into the mirror, learn to like yourself, and set your own goals.

Not to say admiring what other people have and aspiring to be like them is bad, just not at the expense of your own happiness. Believe it or not, it is proven that social media is one of the main reasons why young adults are unhappy. It can contribute to low self-esteem, poor behavior, and poor mental health. So obviously this is a major problem. If you throw in the effects of cyberbullying, things get pretty negative.

For me, social media is a way to connect with other like-minded individuals, exchange ideas and promote positivity in the world. (I’m a creative person, so I naturally gravitate towards Tumblr and Pinterest). Sadly, as a young person in this day and age, it seems like I rarely get to connect with other people. I rarely get to pick people’s brains and have deep, meaningful conversations with them. And that sucks.

Social media and this “social-crazed” world that isn’t really that social, can truly affect your state of mind. Seeing negativity online or through any creative medium (i.e. reality TV shows) is a gateway for negativity to constantly show up in your everyday life. This can take a major toll on your spirit if you let it. Being conscious of what your followers or the people you follow on social media are putting out there makes a big difference. Likes or retweets don’t always mean positivity is being promoted.

I do occasionally Insta-stalk my favorite celebrities. Just like everyone else, I get curious and I scroll. I’m just very aware of what I allow to infiltrate my mind. Nowadays, I spend my time looking up new scriptures and positive quotes. I like Ted Talks and things that require me to think.

Keep in mind that turning off your computer and electronic devices can help you find inner peace. I try to spend time away from social media to think of all the things I’m thankful for. It helps me to focus on what my assignment is in this world: which is to love, inspire and shine my light.  

So, in those moments where you feel frustrated, misunderstood and just plain crappy, don’t go to typing expletives on Twitter. Instead, spend a little quiet time alone. You’ll be surprised at how much growth you acquire just by doing that.


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