Erick Lehman/MJ

By JERAMY STOVER, Sports Editor

In the second quarter it looked as if we had a good game on our hands, as if the first quarter was a fluke.

Jenna Rogers was finding clear lanes to the basket and couldn’t miss. Neither could her teammates from the free throw line.

But then the third quarter struck and reality set in.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn women’s basketball would go on to lose to Cornerstone 68-45. While the Wolverines (1-22, 1-15 Wolverine-Hoosier Athletic Conference) would stump the third-ranked team in the conference for a quarter to make things interesting, the Golden Eagles (14-9, 12-4 WHAC) were just too big and too quick for the young Wolverines.

“They came out and beat us up on the glass a little bit. They’re number three in our conference for a reason: they’re a quality team,” interim head coach Jordan Sweeney said. “We were plus four in rebounds at halftime, in the second half they were plus 11 and they had 12 offensive rebounds. So basically every time they went down the floor, whether they made their first shot or got an offensive rebound, they scored.”

The Wolverines scored only twice in the first quarter off a Kendall Rose three pointer and a Rogers jumper, which put them in a 14-point deficit.

The second quarter was a completely different story.

The Wolverines got out to a 13-4 run and had the Golden Eagles on their heels. Rogers scored eight of her team-high 18 points in the quarter including a layup with just under a minute left to get her team to within four.

But as soon as the ball was inbounded for the third quarter, the tone of the game shifted, and Cornerstone wouldn’t let it change.

The Golden Eagles would go on a big run in the third quarter and didn’t let up when the fourth quarter rolled around.

Megan Swick tallied eight points and five assists, while Rose recorded six points and ten rebounds.

When asked what happened in the second quarter that sparked his team’s comeback, Sweeney chuckled and said “I’m not really sure,” but was happy to see his team not get down after a rough start.

“We did switch defenses; we were in some zone looks and they were making open threes,” Sweeney said. Then we went to more of a man and I don’t think they were quite ready for the man, we outplayed them pretty well we forced a few turnovers and after those turnovers we scored a couple times.”

This is the Wolverines first big loss in a few games. After riding a sensational feeling of a three-game stretch that included an overtime loss, the first win of the season, and a three-point loss, it’s easy to wonder if this loss will set the team back a step.

Rogers explained that her team just needs to focus on the positives and continue to bring high energy each game.

“We just got to keep up the positivity, we got to look at how hard we played today and we just got to keep up our energy and momentum going forward,” Rogers said.

UM-Dearborn will travel to Davenport on Wednesday for a showdown with the sixth-ranked Panthers.