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By JEFF BRYANT, Guest Writer

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On Jan. 29, Detroit’s Populux Nightclub became the third stop for The Werks on their Inside a Dream album release tour. The jam band is joined on the tour by funk band, BIG Something.

The show summoned quite the crowd: old souls, members of the love generation, who looked like they had just crawled out of the ‘60s and young, dreadlocked representatives of the latest hippie insurrection. It was a building full of rare human breeds who readily abandoned reality outside in the cold January night.

BIG Something got the crowd rolling with an incredible funk set. These guys will be the next big thing in funk music. They certainly left their mark on Detroit with Saturday’s performance.

By the time The Werks came on, much of the crowd appeared drunk. Beer bottles were scattered everywhere. Bouncers patrolled the dance floor gripping LED flashlights, looking for trouble, but there was none in sight, just great music and peaceful people.

The band opened with their new song, “Drop,” and took the crowd hostage. These guys all have an unbelievable mastery over their instruments. Their talent for jamming and musical extemporization stood out on Saturday, as they improvised spontaneous melodies. They played with musical style that is rare in this dismal era of auto tune. Other original songs included “Inside a Dream,” and “O.G.”

When the music stopped, the crowd begged for an encore. The Werks delivered with a cover of Stevie Wonder’s Motown classic “Boogie on Reggae Woman,” an appropriate close to a great concert in the Motor City.