Photos Demetrio Nasol/MJ

By DEMETRIO NASOL, Staff Writer and Photographer

Let’s face it, there is a huge stereotype when it comes to electronic music producers’ live shows: that all they do is press play and jump around the stage. I’m not going to argue the validity of that stereotype, but what I will say is that electronic music trio Keys N Krates completely defies that idea.

The Grand Rapids show was one of the many stops on their Midnite Mass Tour after releasing their new EP, Midnite Mass. They were joined on this stop by Jesse Slayter, and the duo from London, Stööki Sound.

For those unfamiliar with Keys N Krates, you may have heard their music in the Point Break movie trailer, Minions trailer, or on your music app’s electronic station. The Ontario natives have over 30 million plays on SoundCloud and their following continues to grow.

The group consists of keyboardist David Matisse, drummer Adam Tune, and turntablist Jr. Flo. It’s hard to imagine the intricacies of an electronic song being produced live by only three musicians, but these guys pull it off and make it look easy.

Tune’s setup includes a sampling pad, electronic toms, and acoustic cymbals which add a natural sound. Matisse’s one keyboard has the capability to play a huge array of instruments, which changes many times throughout the show, and allows him to switch between them in an instant. He also uses it to play samples in addition to what Jr. Flo plays on his sample pad which is rigged to his turntables.

To witness the sounds of these three seamlessly fusing together is something I could listen to all day. It’s really something that nobody else is doing in electronic music right now, and that’s why the drive from Dearborn to Grand Rapids was more than worth it.

The energy of a live performance just doesn’t seem like something anybody can achieve by just “pressing play.”

The show was everything you could ask for: your favorite Keys N Krates songs performed with a subtle live twist on everything, covers with a complete KNK flare added, and some unreleased sounds that you can only hear by going to one of their shows.

The good news is that they’re coming to town on Saturday, April 2 at the Royal Oak Music Theatre, and tickets are on sale now. Get them now. You won’t be sorry.

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