Cheese in the Trap just premiered in Korea to much anticipation, considering it’s based off of a popular web­toon and stars a cast of up-­and-coming, lovable actors and actresses.

The show revolves around a college girl, Hong-seol (played by Kim Go-eun), and the drama she faces after becoming involved with a mysterious, yet handsomely charming classmate, Yoo-jung (played by Park Hae-jin).

Yoo Jung and Hong Seol

Hong-seol is the epitome of normal and simply your average college girl — she’s quiet, smart, hard working, soft­spoken and has no idea what she wants to do with her life — and you’ll fall in love with her and her frizzy red hair immediately. The male lead, the rich and popular Yoo-jung, will put you on a roller coaster of confusing emotions as the show progresses with his mysterious life and contradicting (sometimes psychopathic?) personality.

Baek In-ho played by Seo Kang-joon

Baek In-ho, played by the adorable Seo Kang-joon, will definitely give you a case of the second male lead syndrome (when you’re madly in love with the second male lead that you couldn’t care less about the actual male lead) considering his intense chemistry with Hong-seol and his bad boy, but crazily charming personality.

His sister, Baek In-ha, is portrayed wonderfully by the actress Lee Sung-kyung; her performances are ridiculous and her expressions are over- exaggerated — and every bit is so hilarious that it’s hard to actually hate her.

Baek In-ha played by Lee Sung-kyung

If you’re already a fan of Korean dramas, then keep in mind that Cheese in the Trap is not your average K-­drama. It breaks away from the mold and it’s extremely refreshing and satisfying. This show will have you constantly wondering what will happen next and surprising you at every turn, in a good way.

As the show is already halfway over, there are still many questions left unanswered while the characters are all tangled up in lies and misunderstandings; I’m highly interested in how the story will unfold in the second half of the series. You can watch the series now for free on!