Film Clips Promote Drug Awareness in Spanish Culture

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The Department of Language, Culture and Communication held the Spanish feature “Addiction on the Big Screen” in the CASL building, room 1083 on Thursday, Feb. 4.

The event was a screening with clips and stills from several Spanish films on drug addiction and consumption. This screening is not only to bring awareness to drug-related issues in Spanish culture but also a better understanding of the different time periods where these issues were prevalent.

Jorge Gonzalez del Pozo, associate professor of Spanish, hosted the event and provided context to the mostly Spanish clips shown. The clips included realistic portrayals of drug injections, human mutilation and other forms of drug consumption.

Gonzalez said he wanted to bring awareness to how Spanish culture has been affected by drugs in recent years. Gonzalez also said he has witnessed the devastation of drugs from many of his friends, including a cousin who died when he was only 12.

“These are movies about addicted people, so they try to be as realistic as possible.” Gonzalez said. “It’s sad to say that these movies aren’t well known, yet they depict important situations, so we should not forget how this has affected our society.”