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By AYESHA SHEIKH, Staff Writer

It’s been a long three years since Zendaya’s voice has graced our ears.

Zendaya’s first album was released back in 2013 and since then, the 19­ year ­old has steadily become a guru for everything from fashion to social controversy. She’s spoken her word on cultural appropriation and racism when the dreadlocks she wore to the 2015 Oscars received controversial comments. Mattel has even made a doll in Zendaya’s likeness that sports that same Oscar look. It’s safe to say that Zendaya hasn’t been idle during the last few years.

Her new single, released on Feb. 3, is on fire. The song, titled “Something New,” brings back a classic ‘90s feel that the internet cannot stop jamming to. The cover artwork also brings that feeling with its design and colors. The bop, produced by Babyface from the ‘90s group TLC, samples their song “Creep.” Chris Brown is featured shortly on the track mimicking the TLC original, “Girl, you know I need some affection!” The song is a great jam, though it could have been carried by Zendaya herself, as Chris Brown still feel likes a less than favorable guest artist on a track and doesn’t add much.

As the title suggests, Zendaya tried something new with this R&B sound in contrast her to her first poppy hit “Replay.” Her voice carries beautifully in this  jam and only seems to have gotten better with time.

The lyrics are something new as well, as they take more of a mature route: “I don’t know your name / but I guess I really don’t care / I probably should wait, but I wanna let you go there / I wanna try something new / all night.”

“Something New” is the first we’ve gotten to hear of Zendaya’s forthcoming sophomore album that doesn’t have a set release date yet. The most that Zendaya’s said so far is that a few tracks will be produced by Timbaland. The news was leaked back in September on her instagram via a 15 second clip of her and a song, the caption reading, “Z x Timb This second album… it’s lit.”

“Something New ft. Chris Brown” by Zendaya is now available for download on iTunes.