Photo Courtesy of Delaware Hockey
Photo Courtesy of Delaware Hockey


BENSENVILLE, Ill.  — With the ACHA National Tournament kicking off today, it is only natural that predictions are made for the tournament.

Thursday Games

#14 Delaware vs. #19 Mercyhurst

Pick: Delaware-(Delaware defeated Mercyhurst 3-2 in OT)

#15 Illinois vs #18 Syracuse

Pick: Syracuse. Illinois is used to playing on a different sized rink (their home rink is three feet shorter, and 30 feet wider than the standard rink), this will cause them to struggle against ‘Cuse. (Syracuse defeated Illinois)

#16 Arizona vs #17 Western Michigan

Pick: Western Michigan (Arizona defeated Western Michigan)

#13 UM-Dearborn vs #20 Navy

Pick: UM-Dearborn (UM-Dearborn defeated Navy 5-0)

Friday Games

#3 Lindenwood vs #14 Delaware

Pick: Lindenwood (Lindenwood defeated Delaware)

#2 Stony Brook vs #18 Syracuse

Pick: Stony Brook (Stony Brook defeated Syracuse)

#1 Minot State vs #17 Western Michigan

Pick:Minot State (Minot State defeated Arizona)

#4 Central Oklahoma vs #13 UM-Dearborn

Pick: Central Oklahoma. This one hurt. UM-Dearborn has been like Harvey Dent this season — two-faced. If the team we saw in the GLCHL playoffs shows up, I think they very well could win this game, or at least make it very interesting. If the team that lost two games to Indiana Tech and a game to Kent State shows up, it could get ugly. (Central Oklahoma defeated UM-Dearborn 8-1).

Saturday Game

#6 Adrian vs #11 Oklahoma

Pick: Adrian (Oklahoma defeated Adrian 6-1).

#7 Ohio vs #10 Lebanon Valley

Pick: Lebanon Valley (Leb Valley def. Ohio)

#8 Colorado vs #9 Iowa State

Pick: Iowa State. This game should solidify the way the ACHA determines the rankings, a tight game that will go down to the wire. Or, it could be a blowout in any direction and will leave people scratching their heads. (Iowa State def Colorado).

#5 Davenport vs #12 Robert Morris (Ill.)

Pick: Davenport. I think the hometown team will have a lot of support in the stands, but Davenport is not too far of a drive, and should boast their own fan base in what could be the loudest game of the tournament. If Robert Morris pressures Davenport early and often, this could easily turn out to be the biggest upset in the tournament. (Davenport def. RM Ill)

Sunday Games

#3 Lindenwood vs #6 Adrian

Pick: Adrian (Adrian was def by Oklahoma on Saturday, Lindenwood def. Oklahoma)

#2 Stony Brook vs #10 Lebanon Valley

Pick: Stony Brook (Stony Brook def. Leb Valley)

#1 Minot State vs #9 Iowa State

Pick: Minot State (Iowa State def. Minot State)

#4 Central Oklahoma vs #5 Davenport

Pick: Davenport (Davenport def. Central Oklahoma).


Teams were reseeded for the semi-final games.

#1 Minot State vs #6 Adrian

Pick: Minot State

GAME: Iowa State vs. Stony Brook

Pick: Stony Brook

GAME: Davenport vs. Lindenwood

Pick: Davenport

#2 Stony Brook vs #5 Davenport

Pick: Davenport


#1 Minot State vs #5 Davenport

Pick, 2016 ACHA Divison-1 Champions: Minot State

New Pick After Reseeding:

Stony Brook vs Davenport

Pick: Davenport