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Pop-mosh kings A Day to Remember released a new song on Wednesday and the fans are going nuts over it.

Due to a tiring legal battle with their record label, Victory Records, their last album Common Courtesy was released in 2013, a long two years after their fourth album What Separates Me From You in 2011. After another almost three years of waiting, the band is finally returning with a new single.

Now on their own record label, ADTR Records, the band has released a dark, fast-paced track titled “Paranoia” to their fans’ surprise, and claim there’s no plans of a new record coming along with it. The song and its music video carry a more serious, darker tone than the usual ADTR, as well as a crazily catchy chorus and gritty vocals. According to vocalist Jeremy Mckinnon while speaking on the Beats 1 radio show, the song started with a riff the guitarist randomly played and from there was written in only a day.  

ADTR is known for evolving with every album and changing up their sound, but still sticking to their pop-mosh roots with an even balance of pop-punk and metalcore songs in every album, and beautifully blending the two. Nowhere else in the scene can you find an album where one song is a slow-paced acoustic ballad, the next a fun pop-punk track, and the next a song with spine-tingling breakdowns and wild riffs.

ADTR is also returning this spring, touring with their California music festival Self-Help Fest, and then a tour with Parkway Drive and State Champs. The tour will stop in Grand Rapids on May 13 at The Intersection, but the show is sadly already sold out; it was the first on the tour to do so.

No announcement of a new album came along with the new single like fans were hoping for, but the band is “writing some music, casually for fun,” Mckinnon teased on the radio show. Fans are excited to see what ADTR will come up with next, and hopefully they’ll find out soon.