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By JESSICA PEREZ, Staff Writer

After surprising SXSW festival-goers by performing with Drake and the rest of the OVO Sound team, artist PARTYNEXTDOOR had another surprise awaiting his fans. Around 3 a.m. on March 20, he dropped “Come and See Me,” the first single from his upcoming album, P3, that he’s shared with listeners. In less than 24 hours it garnered over one million plays on SoundCloud and the attention of dozens of music bloggers.

The track was produced by fellow OVO member Noah “40” Shebib, who has stripped away some of the pounding trap elements we’re used to hearing on PARTYNEXTDOOR’s records. 40 preserves PND’s signature late-night bedroom style, but adds in what he often refers to as “lo-fi or underwater sounds,” which gives the song its moody ambiance.

While many of PND’s classics are dirty in lyrical content, “Come and See Me” has a softer quality that his songs wouldn’t normally demonstrate. It’s about the struggle of balancing a busy lifestyle and maintaining a long distance relationship. He says, “things change, people change, feelings change, too. I never thought the circumstances would have changed you.” It is rumored that he wrote this about his falling out with R&B singer Kehlani.

And who better to join him on such an emotionally expressive track than someone who’s no stranger to singing about his feelings? Fellow rapper Drake gets the last word (or verse, rather) with some helpless thoughts about his girl slipping away. This feature is a perfect ending to “Come and See Me” because Drake’s familiar vocals blend seamlessly into the environment laid out by 40’s soulful beat and PND’s smooth tone without stealing away the spotlight.