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By HANNAH GENIG, Staff Writer

In his first single since, Blake Shelton pulls on listeners’ heartstrings with a song obviously written about his recent failed marriage.

This new song, “Came Here to Forget,” was released on March 8. The opening lines tell the story of a man desperately trying to get over an ex and drowning his sorrows in the company of another heartbroken person. As the song progresses, Shelton sings of revenge, in the form of drinking until he and his new companion can no longer remember their sadness infringed upon them by past lovers.

From a lyrical standpoint, this song encompasses the exact procedures taken when dealing with the typical breakup. The song describes drinking and the constant checking of the phone as main characteristics of the recently heartbroken. In addition, Shelton sings of meeting someone new, someone who he kisses and spends time with in an effort to forget the other girl.

The lyrics to this new song fit perfectly with the music they are put to. The slow, melancholy feel of the song makes for a believable scenario and seems synonymous with most generic country breakup songs.

One of my favorite things about Blake Shelton as an artist is his ability to make his music relatable. In each and every song, he caters to the normalcy of everyday life and love and this song is no exception. Whether you are currently experiencing a nasty breakup or reminiscing about when your high school sweetheart broke your heart, this song is an easy one to both relate to and sing along to.

Not only do I enjoy this new single that he released, I applaud him for the message he portrays. Being a celebrity couple in the limelight, a simple separation can be easily blown out of proportion and skewed for the public view. While many singers would refrain from showing this raw emotion, I commend Shelton for showing his fans exactly how he feels and exactly where his heart is after the divorce.