The women of Phi Mu celebrate after winning Greek Week on Friday, April 1 in the UM-Dearborn Fieldhouse. Phi Mu also won Mock Rock, which was the final event in Greek Week. (Demetrio Nasol/MJ)

By MARIA KANSO, Staff Reporter

Greek Week is an event that takes place every year at the University of Michigan-Dearborn for the purpose of showing the unique experiences that Greek Life can offer.

Members of different chapters compete against each other through playing different games. The winning fraternity and sorority are announced during Mock Rock, which is Greek Week’s last event.

“Greek Week is exciting because we know that win or lose, we had fun participating together,” said Jessica Hallgath, president of Alpha Omega Epsilon and an engineering major. “I love that it is a time when all the chapters involved get to take a break from their regular activities and participate in something as a whole Greek community.”

The men of Delta Sigma Phi celebrate after winning Greek Week on Friday, April 1 in the UM-Dearborn Fieldhouse. (Demetrio Nasol/MJ)
The men of Delta Sigma Phi celebrate after winning Greek Week on Friday, April 1 in the UM-Dearborn
Fieldhouse. (Demetrio Nasol/MJ)

The tradition has been around since the 1980s, when Greek Week was funded through UM-Dearborn Student Government. Today, Greek Week is a general Greek Life plan.

Kristin McDonough, the assistant director of the Office for Student Engagement, sees that the hard work and planning by the chapters during Greek Week have been strongly prominent throughout the years.

“Our Greek Week is unique because, on a lot of campuses, you’ll see that maybe there’s one event a day. And for us there’s quite a few events that are packed into the week, and most of them are competition-based in some way,” McDonough said.

In order to plan the events of Greek Week, a committee of representatives from the different chapters is formed. This committee meets weeks in advance and decides which events from previous years are to be included.

It also sets goals for the week, such as ideas about coming together as a community and celebrating each chapter’s pride for their individual colors, letters and mascots, especially seen by the way each chapter picks its own theme and costumes.

“We have our crowd there encouraging the girls who really can’t do volleyball or any other sport,” said Paige Williams, Delta Phi Epsilon’s vice president of recruitment, and a behavioral science major at UM-Dearborn . “It’s fun and it’s the one time we all get to come together and see each other all week long.”

The first day of Greek Week was Tuesday, March 8, where the members played All-Star Broomball at UM-Dearborn Fieldhouse.

The games played throughout the week included football, soccer, baseball, limbo, tug-of-war, volleyball, ping pong and dodgeball. They also competed in a blood-drive, Quiz Bowl and chess.

Members must meet certain requirements to participate, including a 2.25 GPA, a proof of enrollment at UM-Dearborn and a liability form that verifies their understanding of the risks of certain games, such as football.

Mock Rock is the Week’s last event, in which teams compete in lip syncing and choreography. The winner of this competition is judged based on humor, creativity and appeal to the audience. This year’s Mock Rock winner was Phi Mu.

Winning Greek Week is based on the number of first places each fraternity and sorority gets in each event. Phi Mu was the winning sorority, while Delta Sigma Phi was the winning fraternity.

“My favorite part of the week is showing all of Greek Life and our campus the genuine brotherhood that we share together as members of Delta Sigma Phi,” said Fanar Al-Asady, president of Delta Sigma Phi. “The true character of individuals is reflected during these games and it is very special to witness it from an outside perspective. The humility, professionalism and experience that takes place within these games would definitely encourage others to join Greek Life because it simply cannot be gained within a classroom setting.”