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By SARAH SHURGE, Staff Writer

Season 9 winner of The Voice, Jordan Smith released his debut album Something Beautiful on March 18. For The Voice fans and Jordan Smith fans, this was a much anticipated day. The album reached the top spot on iTunes by March 22. And there’s good reason why.

Right from the blind auditions, viewers of Season 9 fell in love with not only Smith’s beautiful voice and stage presence, but also his personality and his spirit. His debut album embodies his beliefs and transports you on an emotional journey. The combination of uplifting songs and his smooth voice truly embraces the title of the album, along with making the message of the album abundantly clear.

With three songs having the word Beautiful in the title: “Beautiful,” “Beautiful Things,” and “You Are So Beautiful,” and every other song with a deep emphasis on loving yourself, loving life or life being beautiful, it’s not hard to understand what Smith wants us to take away from his album — that you need to be yourself, you need to love yourself and that life and all its wonders are beautiful, just like you are.

Something Beautiful has many slower songs, but Smith throws in a few upbeat ones to spice things up. The album has a nice mix of familiar classics and exciting originals. For one of the classics, Smith does a beautiful and emotional rendition of “Amazing Grace,” which features Kirk Franklin. In that song, along with all of the others, Smith really shows off wide vocal range and smooth voice with beautiful long notes and runs that will just take your breath away.

The three songs I enjoyed the most are “Settle,” “Ain’t Got Far to Go,” and his lead single, “Stand in the Light.” All three songs had such an emphasis on knowing your self-worth and living to your full potential.

Even before Smith entered post-The Voice life, his singing career was already well on its way. He was the first artist from any season on The Voice to hit the iTunes top 10 every week of the Live Rounds. After winning, he released The Complete Season 9 Collection (The Voice Performance) with over 50,000 albums sold. He also made history on the Hot Christian Songs chart. Smith is still proudly showing off his faith and strong belief in God in Something Beautiful with many Christian songs being on the album.

Regardless of your beliefs or views, Something Beautiful will leave your spirit feeling renewed. In the end, this album was everything I hoped it would be and more. I’m not sure what’s next for Jordan Smith but I will anxiously await his next move while I listen to his debut on repeat, which truly was something beautiful.