By TERRY LAKINS, Student Life Editor

Melissa Guffey is the newest coordinator for campus activities, a position that the planning, creating and execution of on-campus events and programming. Guffey, who filled this position on March 7, said her goal was to implement several new ideas to get students engaged more easily.

“I slipped in at a very busy time,” Guffey said. “I have a lot to learn about the students and this position.”

Guffey said she wants to use different mobile apps and web platforms that are more user-friendly for the students, especially for events handled by the student government and the Office for Student Engagement. Doing this will help the students see all the events on campus, including information on the student organization and their respective events, and making requesting space on campus easier.

“Everything will be funneled into one place instead of having everything spread to multiple sites,” Guffey said. Guffey also said that the student government is on board with this idea and that they are currently trying to find the best system.

Guffey said she wants to change how events are planned within the Student Activities Board. The Student Activities Board usually plans events three to four weeks in advance, but Guffey wants to change this to planning to one semester in advance.

“If we do a semester before, it helps students plan accordingly,” Guffey said. “It will help SAB plan and provide better events, as well as not waiting ‘til the last minute.”

Guffey also wants to add more positions to meet the needs of SAB. This will include adding a coordinator for events specified for the Union and a campus enrichment coordinator for regulating health and wellness and athletic events.

Guffey said she wants to bring more fine arts and performing art opportunities to the campus, which would include bringing in more plays and dance troupes. Guffey said she wants to do this because she feels this is an area lacking on campus.

Although Guffey’s ideas are still a plan in progress, and will be developing and changing over time, she is enjoying the experience of getting involved with the students and making everything as easy as possible.  

“This job interests me,” Guffey said. “I firmly believe in engaging students in both curricular and co-curricular activities and this position really does that for me.”

Upcoming Events:

The SAB Takeover is on Thursday, April 14 with events at the University Center from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. and at the Union from 8 p.m. to midnight. Events at the UC will include relaxing-based events, such as massage chairs in the lounge across from the Kochoff Hall. Events at the Union include Build a Bear in the Victors Den, where participants will build large bears, and the Headphone Disco, a silent dance party held in the House of Maize and Blue.

Crunch Brunch is on Wednesday, April 20, which is a pancake study break held at the Victors Den in the Union.