(Photo courtesy of ilovestvincent.com)


If any of you know me then you know that I NEVER watch television. I’d like to thank my college education for making sure that I have little time for absolutely anything, BUT, now that the summer is here, I have more time to stop and smell the roses…or just chill at home on the quiet nights of summer and watch Netflix. Not too long ago, a friend and I were having this exact discussion and I said I was looking for a new show to watch. He recommended a Netflix series called Portlandia. Considering it’s on season six and filmed the first six episodes in Portland, Ore. sometime in Aug. 2010…you’ve probably have heard of it already.

So why am I writing this piece on a television series that started six years ago? Well, after watching the first episode, I felt so compelled to share this series with others who have never heard of it or maybe have heard of it but never watched it because I find it just that funny!

Portlandia is a series of comedy sketches that each have their own satirical humor and focuses mostly on the absurd obsesses that hipsters tend to latch onto. Not only do creators Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein hilariously mock hipsters, but they got into the spotlight by reminding everyone that “the dream of the ’90s” for eating super-vegan, super organic, while being very much tatted and going to clown school is thriving in Portland.

What I find so funny about the overall show is that it’s very spot on in the scenarios…dramatic, yes, but still relatable. I knew that this show was for me when I watched the CommaChuChu Tea episode. It centers around these two feminist women (one being Fred Armisen) who own a store, Women & Women First. The first scene transitions with Fred Armisen drinking tea from a mason jar which he explains “helps clear out his tear ducts, and keeps his skin nice and dry,” and then goes further as to saying “it taste like soot and hot water.” They go to an even more absurd yet hilarious length when Steve Buscemi comes in to use the bathroom and doesn’t purchase anything.  I won’t spoil it anymore but will let you go watch it for yourself!

The majority of the characters have some quirky characteristic to them. They are all hung up on something which drives them to their absurdly hilarious behavior. It ranges from obsessive couples asking their server how their chicken was raised and whether everything is local to feminist women feeling offended by everything.  The show lovingly mocks all types of people—I feel like me being one of them. I can’t say every episode will keep you laughing—some are a bit too long but overall, Portlandia will give you some great laughs!