(Photo courtesy of Rachel Leonard)

By Mary Aldieri

The New Student Convocation was held a day before the start of the fall semester. The program was held in the Social Sciences Building (SSB), the College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters (CASL), and at the Fieldhouse with over 300 freshmen, 100 transfer students and 200 graduate students.

Working as an orientation leader that day, we kicked off the event by greeting the many students checking in just in time for their seminars. The freshman seminar was held in the SSB and the transfer and graduate seminars were held at CASL. The freshmen and transfer seminars each had an open panel which allowed the new incoming students to ask open-ended questions in relation to attending the university for the first time.

These seminars help guide the new incoming students on how to better adjust to college life through improving their studies, lifestyle and social standings.

The program was followed by the Convocation Ceremony,  held in the Fieldhouse. All students and orientation leaders had the impeccable opportunity to sing the Michigan Fight Song. All those in attendance joined together to sing the courageous anthem of the university.

Lastly, kicking off towards the conclusion of the program, students enjoyed themselves by cooling off with delectable varieties of ice cream at the Chancellor’s Ice Cream Social that was held outside of the University Center.

The New Student Convocation was certainly a day of jubilant approaches towards new beginnings for these new incoming students. So, “Hail! Hail! to Michigan, the champions of the West”!