(Grace Bianco/MJ)
(Grace Bianco/MJ)

By: GRACE BIANCO, Guest Writer

On the streets of Ferndale, Michigan from Sept 16 to Sept 18 r you’ll be sure to find an abundance of artists and art

-lovers galore. The DIY Street Fair attracts crowds of art enthusiasts determined on finding the next Frida Kahlo, or just some beautiful artwork additions for the living room. Jewelry, pottery, and woodworking are only few of the many talents behind the fair’s success.

While discovering some new artworks you’re also more than welcome to talk to the artists personally and get to know their process. One of the woodworkers I had the pleasure of meeting was able to tell me what exactly sparked his interest in woodworking,

(Grace Bianco/MJ)

According to Chris Burkeybyle: “I had a crush on a girl and I made her a wooden ring, she was a waitress and pretty soon the rest of the waitresses wanted to know where she bought it so I ended up making them some as well. Then everyone else wanted to know where they got the rings. There were a couple nights I made more money sellings rings than cooking and that’s when I thought ‘hey, maybe I should be doing this instead’.

Another artist I came in contact with was a printmaker from Ypsilanti, Kristen Drozdowski, who stated that the very first art project she remembered was “Taking a high school graphic design class in high school, then making ‘gig’ posters for bands, which eventually led to the greeting cards starting my brand”.

Her tent was filled with notebooks, stamps, and of course what started it all, greeting cards.

(Photo courtesy of Grace Bianco)
(Grace Bianco/MJ)

The DIY Street fair is not only for the art-engrossed but also those looking to get a “taste” of Ferndale. Further along the street fair you’re invited to experience a variety of local eateries and unearth a new liking for some unique ice cream flavors like bacon or Cherry Coke from Treat Dreams. But not before having dinner from one of the food trucks, The Pita Post.

Now just one last stop, listening the one of the shows at the main stage where musicians gather together to create some incredible music for the audience to enjoy. Local artists such as Jill Jack, Le Voyage, and the Ferndale High School Marching bands were just a few highlights from the night.

After participating in the annual street fair, It is something to add to the list of art fairs to attend for those interested.