(Alyssa Dorchak/MJ)


Nearly a month ago, the Wahlberg family popped up shop in downtown Detroit’s Greektown, with their chain restaurant, Wahlburgers. With my foodie senses tingling it was time to give the new burger joint a shot.

There was a lot of hype leading up to the opening of the restaurant, but after I made my visit, I was slightly underwhelmed. Basic burgers with all of the fixings graced the menu along with typical sides like tater tots, sweet potato tater tots, and onion rings. They also feature sides like mac and cheese and chili. Other handhelds like Jenn’s Chicken Sandwich or the Crispy Haddock (fish) Sandwich are also there to choose from, but what I went for were the burgers.

The burger I selected was the O.F.D. (Originally from Dorchestah) and let me break it down. It’s a half-

(Alyssa Dorchak/MJ)
(Alyssa Dorchak/MJ)

pound burger, layered with a swiss cheese, crispy bacon, sautéed mushrooms and housemade tomato jam. I also added pickles and lettuce to it with a side of Wahlsauce which seemed like a light, tangy tomato-mayo sauce. I’m not sure what ingredients are in it exactly, but that’s what it tasted like to me. Overall, the taste of the burger was great, but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I also tried their sweet potato tots which had the perfect amount crunch and sweetness.

Also featured on the menu which peaked my interest, but was hesitant to try, was the Thanksgiving Day Sandwich. It’s made up of fresh ground turkey, stuffing, mayo, housemade orange-cranberry sauce and roasted butternut squash. When I go back, this and the mac and cheese will be my next go to’s!

Finally, an all-American meal of burger and fries isn’t complete without a milkshake or an ice- cold adult beverage. Wahlburgers also serves up frappes and floats in a variety of flavors like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, coffee, mocha, black & white, and chocolate mint. Adult frappe flavors include S’mores, Funkey Monkey, Mud Pie, and Fluffanuttahh. Not into dessert drinks? Wahlburgers also serves up bottled and draft beer along with wine. They also make other desserts such as Crispy Apple Empanadas, Grilled Banana Fluffanutta, and cupcakes.

The menu has some hidden gems like the Thanksgiving Day Sandwich, their Grilled Banana Fluffanutta, and some frappes, that I’d say are worth another visit. All-in-all, Wahlburgers was good, but nothing that blew me away. Give it a shot and see what you think.

Wahlburgers is located at 569 Monroe Ave., Detroit, MI 48226.