(Photo courtesy of Hennessy x Tickles Tour)


Sunday, I spent my night at the Magic Bag in Ferndale. It was a dimly lit room that could seat one hundred people easily, but that night probably had a total of twenty. Conversation was low but I could hear people softly laughing, exchanging words and chomping on popcorn. As people generally hope for when they go out, you could tell they were there for a good time and some great laughs. Scoping the room, my attention quickly moved to the ceiling. They had ball lights on the ceiling that reflected off the walls; I felt as if I were in space. It was cool.

Suddenly, the lights to the stage turned on and out walks the emcee for the night, Blaine Hill. Blaine was an awkwardly funny guy. He began his introduction with his appearance. He joked at how he has come to the acceptance that he will “forever look like a child” with a beard. Everyone laughed because the more you looked at him, it was true. He is a very short guy, probably wears a size small t-shirt and has a youthful face. By the end of his ten minute skit, he introduced comedians Langston Kerman and Jak Knight.

Kerman was first up for his performance.

Breaking the ice, he joked about the number of people in the room. We laughed, but what topped me over the edge was he added that he knew almost everyone in the room. It was hilarious, unexpected and almost sad. I found out later that Langston was actually a graduate from the University of Michigan.

As a comedian, Kerman likes to take life situations and add a humoristic twist to them. His set topics ranged from relationships, homophobia, Fox News, family, racism, school and sex. I can appreciate comedians like Kerman. It can be difficult to take topics such as the ones he jokes about and get people to laugh at them. I can’t say that his jokes were top notch every time, but what comedian’s jokes are.

There were moments I felt like he could have done better. Some of his jokes lacked a punch line. You could almost say it was more like a venting session than a stand-up, but I do feel like he is quick on his feet to redeem himself. At times, his jokes may shock you or surprisingly take you in a whole new direction, but this is what will differentiate him from other comedians. Kerman isn’t for everyone, but having an open mind, he’s definitely worth going to see for a show and some laughs.

Knight is a bit different. He’s a goofy dude who jokingly talks a lot of shit. During our interview when he said he was a class clown, I believe it. Coming out onto the stage, he too, made a joke about the crowd and how they are Kerman’s friends. His set had a variety of topics also. He talked about being on the road with Kerman and what is has been like, he joked about himself and the pranks he pulls on his mom, but what had me dying was the joke he made about the women coming into Starbucks and how he tied it into police privileges.

Again, not every joke he did worked either. There were moments where the crowd just didn’t get it or didn’t find it funny but like Kerman, he embraced it and turned that into a joke. Both Kerman and Knight did a great job ending their first tour, Hennessy and Tickles.

These two guys are some up and coming comedians who I look forward to seeing more of! To learn more about them and where they will be, check out their social media accounts.