(Photo courtesy of La Fork)


If you’re looking for a place that satisfies your salty buds and sweet tooth in one location look no further than La Fork. Fairly new to the Downtown Dearborn area, La Fork serves the authentic Quebec dish of poutine with worldly twists and deliciously sweet crepes.

A classic Canadian poutine dish consists of freshly cut fries, gravy and cheese curds. La Fork takes the classic poutine and adds on top of it a variety of things that turn it into a whole meal. You can get something akin to a burger-on-fries with the All-American, which is fries, cheese curds, meat patty & cheese, onions, tomatoes, pickles and beef bacon. If veggies are more your speed you can try the Very Veggie adds to the classic poutine with tomatoes, onions, black beans and black olives. My go-to, however, is the Shawarma Poutine, which combines the flavors of Dearborn and Canada with spicy shawarma meat or chicken, tomatoes, parsley & onions and tahini or garlic sauce. You can always mix it up and try creating your own poutine-topped creation with their build-your-own option. Overall, the poutine is the best you’ll get outside of Canada and at a decent price of under $10, it’s sure to fill you up every time.

The crepes at La Fork aren’t too special as the crepe trend is a growing one in Dearborn now. However, for the price and quality of the crepes, it’s definitely a place to try. They have the staple Nutella crepes with your choice of strawberries or bananas and even have a salted caramel option as well. Just as you had with the poutine, you also have the option to build your own crepe. All the options come with ice cream as well, so it’s a win-win if you’re hankering for something sweet after fries.

The self-proclaimed first fast casual Poutinerie in Michigan is just that, you get fresh food fast in a really nice setting. It’s a great place to stop and have lunch at. The dining area is light and airy with comfortable-enough seating. The decor gives it a hip-vibe with large light bulbs lighting the restaurant and various city silhouettes on the wall with different time-zones displayed. The perks of eating at La Fork is that if you’re a student, Ford employee or city official member you can get a 10% discount. There also is free parking nearby with the parking structure being just kitty-corner to the restaurant.

La Fork is located at 1041 Howard St. in Dearborn. Check out the menu on their website laforkdetroit.com.