(Amber Ainsworth/MJ)

By HANNAH GENIG, Staff Writer

It was a cold and wet night for the die-hard fans of numerous bands who appeared at this year’s Chill on the Hill. Unlike years before, this concert was condensed into one full day of mosh pits, screaming fans and awesome music.

This year’s lineup featured an array of bands that catered to every person in the crowd. Older bands like The Used and Good Charlotte induced a sense of nostalgia for listeners, while newer bands like Pierce the Veil and Bastille showcased the newer style of alternative rock music. While this collection of bands sounds like the perfect day for fans like me, the typical Michigan fall weather had other, wetter plans.

Because this year’s festivities only spanned one day, two stages were utilized to make all the performances possible in such a short amount of time. However, the walk between stages for every set was made a lot more difficult with the rain, and it was evident in the amount of fans that fearlessly made the trek. Compared to years past, there was a substantial deficit of fans in the stands. Not only were most of the back rows of the pavilion

empty, any activity on the hill was completely nonexistent. Whether people decided to forgo the concert completely, or left early in the day, the turnout was certainly not as heavy as planned. Rain coats and ponchos galore, fans scurried between the stages to the best of their ability to stay out of the rain and to make it to their favorite sets.

Despite the unfavorable weather and narrowed crowd, the excitement of the day did not falter for the dedicated fans. Bands like Beartooth dominated the second stage and had fans oozing out of the pavilion watching the mosh pit ensue and dancing to the great music.

The Used, one of the bigger bands on the lineup, took fans to a nostalgic place by asking everyone to “pretend they were kids again” during the set. Not only did the diehard fans of this band love the throwback music, everyone in the audience was dancing and singing along.

Though I was impressed with all of the bands at this great event, I was most excited and blown away by Bastille. This headliner gained popularity back when they released “Pompeii,” and since have recently released their second album. Not only did Bastille have an impeccable sound that perfectly matched the songs on their album, they had an unrivaled energy that brought everyone to their feet. Listening and experiencing the enthusiasm of this band made the poor weather and the long drive completely worth it. It may have been a chilly night, but the “warmth” of Bastille suddenly made the concert extremely comfortable.