(Photo Courtesy of GOT7)


On Sept 26, 2016 (Here in the U.S. and Sept. 27, 2016 in South Korea) GOT7 released their second full-length album Flight Log: Turbulence. The album was released along with their music video and title song “Hard Carry”, the song and album displaying a more aggressive and pop-synthed album fused with hip hop beats, which already is showcasing the versatility of the boys and their usually airy, refreshing pop sound.

“Hard Carry” premiered on YouTube the day of the album release, the video getting over 2.5 million views in under 24 hours, the song and video showcase a darker, edgier concept for the group. Showing off fluid and precisely-timed choreography with the songs hard beats over the boys whooping and hollering in the music video, balanced out by the smooth vocals of their more vocal singing line which is shared among members Jinyoung, Jaebum and Youngjae.

The album is very much a display of the boys’ more distinct sound. All seven members of the group had opportunities to produce songs and compose lyrics for almost all of the tracks on the album with the exception of “Hard Carry” and “Who’s That”. The beginning half of the album features more fun and upbeat songs that you could dance to or hear blaring inside of a club, while the latter half of the album features the distinct tones of the songs that were written by GOT7 showing some real potential for the boys as songwriters.

“Boom x 3”, a song written by GOT7’s energetic rapper Jackson, demonstrates his skills as a rapper, hinting to older styles of hip hop and flows well into the smooth, sultry R&B track “Prove It”  written by the group’s leader Jaebum (JB). The tracks move seamlessly between each other, “No Jam” written by Mark and Yugyeom is another upbeat song also featuring a mix of Korean and English lyrics sung by rappers BamBam and Jackson, also having a more playful beat similar to songs they have released in the past. Mark has the most songs written on the album including “No Jam”, “My Home,” “If”, “Sick” and ”Let Me.”

“Mayday” Is written by another one of the more powerful vocal singers, Jinyoung, with its dramatic spoken word opening to the song read by Mark, the song plays on the vocalists strong voice, also a sweetness comes in from happy-go-lucky singer Youngjae in “Hey”.

The album winds down with tracks “Let Me” and “Dreamin” which pulls the album together in a slow finish, which is a good way to round out the album’s fast beginning. With their move into more dance and electronic-focused music, it shows GOT7’s potential to become a more diverse-sounding group with hard dance hits, along with their breezy pop singles that we have seen them release in the past.

Flight Log: Turbulence, is available to stream on Apple Music and available for purchase on iTunes.