(Sabrina Gregory/MJ)


Bass-heavy music producer, Getter, put on one hell of a show while promoting his new seven track EP, What The Frick.

It was unbelievable how quickly the Royal Oak Music Theatre filled Friday night. Posted on his Twitter account, “Damn Royal Oak I think this is the biggest show of the tour. Thank You.” From wall-to-wall the venue was packed with screaming, head banging, hair-whipping frenzies.

“I just got word that Getter is still asleep you guys,” shouted Getter’s friend Nick Colletti, who was an opening act for Friday nights show. “I think we need to wake his ass up!”

The moment Getter took the stage, everything became one: the music, the crowd, the artists, the “SUH Dude” echoes.

“Getter goes hard for his sets. His shows are insane! He threw down all types of dub tonight. I was rolling hard af,” said concert attendee, Gabe.

Water explosions were shot everywhere, people were crowd surfing, and some people even sustained minor injuries that turned into “no big deals” because they were having that much fun.

You could say, Getters best friend, Colletti, was the hype man of the night. Never leaving the stage, Colletti set the stage for a crazy ass night.

Getter, otherwise known as Tanner Petulla, built himself up from a 17 year old bedroom dubstep producer. Already playing at large festivals and touring around the U.S, Getter really made a name for himself when he began making hilarious “SUH Dude” vines. From sick EP releases like Radical Dude, and What The Frick, to hilarious videos with Nick Colletti and Dillon Francis, the multi-dimensional producer is absolutely killing the EDM scene.

In 2015, he put out some of his best content yet and has only been progressing from there. “Head Splitter,” having over 1.5 million views, premiered on MTV, showing his diverse capabilities as a producer, whether it be grimy, dubstep, or even downtempo records, Getter proves his talent as a producer.

Lately he’s been dabbing into more of an experimental style of reverb and bass while assimilating a variety of beats and I can honestly say it is fricken dope!

To find out where he will be next for his, What The Frick Tour, check out: http://watthefrick.com/#tour

To check out his new EP release: http://watthefrick.com/#playlist