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Legendary K-pop group SHINee recently released their 6th studio album 1 of 1 on October 5, 2016 and took us through a time machine back to the 90’s with their music video and single of the same name.

SHINee is a five-member boy group who debuted from SM Entertainment in 2008. They are known for having a contemporary R&B sound and for their highly synchronized dancing, which has won them many awards. You might’ve heard of them with their popular hits “Lucifer,” “Sherlock,” or “Ring Ding Dong.”

The album opens with the track “Prism,” a fast-paced song bursting with beautiful harmonies from the five-members from beginning to end.

The title track, “1 of 1,” is a classic R&B song fused with a boy-band pop sound. The music video takes you back to the Backstreet Boys style and NSYNC-esque dance moves of the 90’s but with a vibrant, aesthetic twist only SHINee could pull off.  

Oversized jean jackets, colorful sweater vests, gold chains paired with turtlenecks, and blazers galore will take you back in time with middle-parted, slicked back hair styles to match.

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“Feel good” gives off a funky 70’s sound with an EDM fusion, before slowing down with the track “Don’t Let Me Go,” a passionate love song with strong rap parts.

An upbeat electronic sound comes into play with the track “SHIFT” which mixes well with SHINee members’ sweet soft vocals.

Wrapping up the album, “U Need Me” is another brilliant mix of funk, electronic and 90’s hip-hop sounds. The track opens with jazzy instrumentals before being interrupted and warping into a jazzy EDM mix, blending seamlessly with the group’s voices.

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1 of 1 is overall a lively present-day take on 90’s R&B and boy-band pop, fused with many other genres from EDM to funk. Each song has a unique sound which will surely be stuck in your head the entire day and beats funky enough to get your head boppin’ and your feet tappin’!